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    This contest ends in 7 weeks

    Sign up for your chance to win a Meet & Greet with Pat Green! In order to attend the Meet & Greet with Pat Green, you must have a ticket to the show (when tickets are required). Winners will be chosen randomly once registration closes, and you must be a current Pat Green Dancehall member. Each winner will receive 1 pass. We do not allow plus ones to ensureƂ we can accommodate as many fan club members as possible for each date.

    Only winners will be notified via the email address on their account a few days before the show. IMPORTANT: If you are selected as a winner and receive a notification email, you MUST respond with your full name as it appears on your photo ID or your name will not be submitted to the list.

    To enter, select the date you plan on attending from the dropdown menu below (if you don't see a dropdown menu with tour dates, click "More Info" below). Once selected, click the "Sign Up For This" button. If you then see a "Cancel Your Signup" button, then you have entered successfully.

    You can only sign up for one show at a time. Once the winners have been selected for a certain show, and you did not win, then cancel your signup and sign up for the next show in line that you are attending.

    Good luck!


    Only Pat Green Dancehall members are eligible. You may only win five (5) meet & greets per year. All winning entries will be audited. Pat Green and all of his associates reserve the right to revoke winning entries for any reason. Winning submissions are non-transferable. There are a select number of Meet & Greet passes given out for each show where Meet & Greets are available. Entry does not guarantee winning.

    1. instagramseo avatar

      On Mon, Nov 16, 2015 at 8:34 AM, instagramseo said:





    2. nhmsales avatar

      On Tue, Nov 10, 2015 at 1:31 AM, nhmsales said:

      Love Pat

    3. trb avatar

      On Mon, Nov 9, 2015 at 3:09 PM, trb said:

      See ya in Chicago! Watching for DC and Boston dates ...

    4. bigmountianslasher avatar

      On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 9:27 PM, bigmountianslasher said:

      I met Pat about 20 Years ago in Cisco Tx. We drank beer and shot pool at a friends house before the show and would love to talk to him again. I really like Pat as a person and an artist. Happy I can take my kids to see him. Hopefully I will get to meet with him again and see if he remembers me. If not well then there's always the Denver show in a week at the grizzly rose. Going snowboarding on the 7th let me know if you wanna go.

    5. Cowgirl avatar

      On Tue, Oct 20, 2015 at 10:09 PM, Cowgirl said:

      Good sound and great music.
      I hope to meet the guy. :)

    6. Traci avatar

      On Mon, Oct 19, 2015 at 10:59 PM, Traci said:

      Love me some Pat Green baby!

    7. Michelleleestevens avatar

      On Thu, Oct 15, 2015 at 12:12 AM, Michelleleestevens said:

      Dear Pat,
      I hope on October 31st, you wake up with TEXAS ON YOUR MIND!!!! I am sure as you drive on down to Gainesville Tx, you will see many WAVE ON WAVES from people who are freaking excited to see you!
      ( like me...)
      It has been way more than THREE DAYS since I have seen you, and at times it has been difficult to CARRY ON. I know sooooo many will be heading SOUTHBOUND 35 to see you, but not me!! I just have to drive 15 min....and it's ALL JUST TO GET TO YOU!
      I AM FOR having a great time with the girls, singing every single one of your songs, and even though my husband doesn't have to TAKE ME OUT TO A DANCEHALL that night to see you, I am still pumped because outdoor venues are my absolute favorite! (Except when I saw you at Gruene Hall)
      So, in less that 2 weeks, I hope to be so WRAPPED UP in you, that all my girlfriends think I'm CRAZY!!! WHO'S TO SAY this night will be one for the record books????? meeeeeeee!!!!!
      ?? Michelle

    8. 1displacedtexan avatar

      On Mon, Oct 12, 2015 at 2:21 AM, 1displacedtexan said:

      The biggest Pat Green fan! Know every song word for word! ---Displaced Texan

    9. LEIGH HASTEDT avatar

      On Sun, Oct 4, 2015 at 6:26 PM, LEIGH HASTEDT said:

      I have been a huge fan and guitar catcher for Pat Green since he started. I am a female, 44 years old, and originally from Columbus, Texas and I must say he is one of the most respectful musicians that I have ever met and known. Pat played at the Austin County Fair 2014 and it was the best that anyone could have chosen to be at any place much less a county fair. He did through a guitar pic and I missed it and the girls I had to hold back for the cops to not have any troubles. I just told the chics to go stand over on the other side and that he would be throwing next. But as they walked away and it was almost his last song he threw another one and I was so so thrilled it even kindof hit me in between my head and my belt to say the least. But there is no one person better as a musician, a good father and husband, a good man, and just an overall great individual. There is not one other I would compare him too. Pat G. your my number one. So I will see you at the Hitching Post in Richmond on the 17th of October and I am going to cross my fingers for luck because I signed up for the first time for the Meet & Greet and I am hoping that I win. No matter who wins I will still be front row screaming your name. You can't forget me ---------- blonde short hair and cowboy boots with jeans tucked in my boots. I love you to Pat Green and his family. Leigh Hastedt

    10. Superman avatar

      On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 11:08 AM, Superman said:

      Hello to all.
      I really love pat green.

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