"The One That Got Away" Qualifying Winners
Dec 2 2019 at 9:00 AM

"The One That Got Away" Qualifying Winners

"39 years ago I fell in love with Marcel Livesay and for 38 years I never forgot him. During the last 38 years driving to Nashville to see my family, there was always a road sign that said "Fort Smith" exit here. You see that's where we met. I always thought about taking that exit but never did. I loved him so. Our relationship ended abruptly with an outside influence and I never saw him again. I kept his last letter that he had met a nice girl and he was happy. I continued my life without ever knowing how he really was, until year 2018, the last time I would see the exit sign, Fort Smith, at least for the time being. I decided when I returned to Fort Worh, Texas would find him and say hello! I googled him and found him! I was so very nervous! I emailed him and asked if he remembered me and much to my surprise, he had never forgotten us! One year later we are happily married and have a slew of rescue dogs and cats and decided this was how large we wanted our family to be! With furbabies! It may have been the one who got away, but fate stepped in!" Rhonda Livesay- Shreveport, LA.

"I met a girl named, Heather, about 9 years ago through a mutual friend. We hit it off from the moment we were introduced, but it was never the right time. We became the best of friends, but we both were in various relationships over the years. We have kept in contact and now find ourselves both at a time where we are both single. I lost her once because I was too afraid to speak up. We would probably be happily married, but we were both scared to say how we felt about each other. We have reconnected recently, but still trying to fight any obstacles from the past. We both know that we are meant for each other and make each other happy. I'm trying to convince her to move back to Austin from Conroe. One of our very first dates was a Jimmy Buffett show at the same ACL venue. I don't want to lose her again and I plan on doing anything and everything to prove that I truly do Love Her." Mark Cavazos- Austin, TX.

"You were the one that got away. It was January 22, 2006 in Lubbock Texas. It was my oldest daughter’s 20th birthday & we had tickets to see you in a small acoustic show at Wild West. We actually had tickets to see you 3 weeks in a row & didn’t get the email you’d broken your hand & these acoustic shows were canceled. We get to the club, it’s dark, it’s locked, the parking lot was empty. Janakae said “Madré, you could always find me when you needed me, find Pat effin Green”. We drove around Lubbock for 3 1/2 hours with her & her friends making up lyrics about a 3 hour tour looking for Pat Green to the tune of Gilligan’s Island. I promised to make it up to her for her 21st, but sadly she was killed in a drunk driving crash while being her college friends designated driver later that year. She was my concert buddy. She turned me on to Pat Green music & she’s missed daily. It had become a thing to send one another texts when we saw you were going to have a show with a headline of “I found Pat effin Green”. Now in her absence, her friends carry that on with two tagging me on Facebook with the announcement you’ll be doing a show for the high school of mine & her hometown of Mineral Wells. She & I never got the opportunity to see you again before she died, so you are the one that got away." Kandi Wiley- Temple, TX.